Like all ovens, a combination oven produces dry, hot air. This enables the caterer to roast, pot roast, bake and braise. However, a combi can also produce steam that allows food to be steamed from ambient to 100°C. Boiling, steaming, poaching and stewing are added to the cooking repertoire.

A combination oven is a flexible appliance that allows 8 of the 12 methods of cookery to be carried out by one appliance. It is this feature that makes a Combi the most versatile piece of equipment available to foodservice professionals.

As well as being able to cook food from raw, combi steam injection can create a moist environment to regenerate chilled or frozen pre-cooked items.

Steam injection can also assist baking and roasting. Many pastry and yeast bakery items will rise further and have a lighter, crisper texture. The moist atmosphere makes roasted meats more succulent. Increasing yield and serving more portions to increase profit margins.

A combination oven will provide even cooking, better rise and improved colour. The internal fan allows a lower cooking temperature to be used, making it considerably more economical to run than a conventional oven.

It would take at least two or perhaps three individual pieces of equipment to match the flexibility of a combination oven. This would not only be more expensive in terms of capital outlay, it would also require increased kitchen space to be available.

The benefits of using a combination oven are many. From the guaranteed consistency of the food produced to an increased yield on roast meat items. Diners are guaranteed to enjoy the same high standard of food, irrespective of who operates the oven.

Combination ovens can be used in diverse locations such as schools, nursing homes, garden centres, sports arenas, supermarkets, MoD barracks, motorway service stations, restaurants and hotels. They cope with a`la carte, table d’hôte and catering for a function with first class results.

A combination oven will prepare small or large quantities of food to an equally high standard. Be that a single portion of duck breast in an a`la carte restaurant to 150 portions for a function suite. Even heat distribution applies, regardless of load, and this significantly reduces product waste.

As the number of covers served and menus can vary, Combination Ovens have a range of models to assist a chef’s quest for perfection, whether providing for one or for hundreds of diners.

An automatic cleaning system, available on electric models, is fully automated and integrated. Not only does it save time and money, it is hygienic and environmentally friendly!

Data management and HACCP documentation are also important features incorporated into the design of combi steamers. Cooking programmes can be written, easily and quickly, and at the click of a button sent to your combi steamer – and vice versa. The data stored on your system can also then be shared with multiple ovens in different sites.

Simple and comprehensive HACCP documentation of all cooking processes and work data can also be viewed and printed via your office PC.

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