One of the most important aspects of a working kitchen, it is imperative to get the right piece of equipment for the job. This could be dependent on various factors. Menu, nationality, chef style, available room, and of course budget.

Elite Foodservice Design’s history and vast knowledge of many different types of catering operation mean we are ideally suited to help you select the precise piece of cooking equipment you need to achieve the highest results possible.

Long standing relationships with the UK’s finest manufacturers ensure low prices and great service on a complete range of equipment, whether in a one-off sale or full kitchen installation.

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Boiling, frying, deep frying…

All in one unit, up to 4 times as fast and 40% less power consumption.

Whether for an à la carte restaurant or high volume catering, preparing 30 individual portions or thousands of meals, cooking overnight, pressure cooking or cooking during service, the VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY® always offers the right solution for the individual requirements of your kitchen.

The Ovention 360 is the latest model in the Ovention range, the unit has a smaller footprint but larger cooking capacity than previous models. The speed oven uses Precision Impingement technology to cook anything on your menu

Introducing the Rational SelfcookingCenter®