From the very beginning of the journey EFD will take the bull by the horns and help you create the catering environment of your dreams. EFD’s understanding and vast knowledge of many different types of catering operation mean we are ideally suited to help you select the precise piece of catering equipment you need to achieve the highest results possible. We offer a full design, fabrication and installation service. Always mindful of business growth, equipment selection is critical as is after sales. We guarantee that we will be there in support with advice and after care service long after other suppliers may have been paid and be long gone. We really do care and value future business, so please, don’t leave it to chance… leave it to EFD. CONCEPT Whether it’s an idea derived from a certain theme, or influence from an intended menu, EFD have dedicated designers with years of experience to help you bring your visualisation to life. Creativity and purpose are key elements that we consider during the design process. The dimension of the area and the desire of the customer are both used to fulfil the scheme’s full potential. Working closely with owners, chefs, architects, contractors and end users, we not only give flexibility when choosing equipment but can also provide genuine cost savings when attempting to work within the confines of ever tightening budgets. After surveying the premises and taking into account current legislation, EFD will build a picture of what the customer is hoping to achieve and can then move on to the next stage… DESIGN With the concept established we need to then consider the functionality of the environment and ensure we use the available space economically. Flow-through, work surface space and cross-contamination are just some of the areas that need to be addressed in the design process, whilst always considering the budget constraints. EFD have long standing relationships with all the major refrigeration & catering equipment manufacturers throughout the United Kingdom. We can ensure competitive prices, deep product knowledge, quick delivery and efficient problem solving as a result of this. Correct equipment selection is critical and many considerations are taken into account. May they be specification, production capacities, ergonomics or aesthetics, they are all important to the finished project. Where ever possible, we try to encourage the use of eco-friendly appliances and those appliances which have proven records for energy savings. With the design now coming together we create a fully itemised CAD drawing as well as generated visualisation to show how the finished installation is going to look.   RECENT DESIGN CONCEPTS