Looking for a catering finance provider that knows the sector inside out?

We offer leasing to all types of catering businesses including: restaurants, pubs and bars, fast food outlets, hotels, food franchises and food processing/manufacturing facilities and more. Our flexible financial services can support you throughout your business journey.

Do you need the best equipment, so your business can reach extraordinary heights? Equipment leasing is designed to offer fixed term finance and repayments with maximum tax relief (90% of The Times’ Top 100 companies use leasing).

With banks still restrictive on lending for equipment, our funders can offer competitive equipment leasing without requiring a huge cash investment upfront.

Equipment finance can help increase your profitability by conserving your working capital, allowing you to put it to use in other more profitable ways. Let the equipment earn its money. You wouldn’t pay your staff in advance so why pay for your equipment!

Get the best catering equipment for your business. Just lease it.

Why lease equipment with Elite Foodservice Design?

Increase your profitability – maintain your working capital and put it to use in other more profitable ways

Help your cashflow – get new equipment now without affecting your cash reserves

Afford the best quality – have the very latest equipment

Pay as you use – spread the cost across the working life of your equipment

Tax allowable – rentals are fully tax deductible


Upgrade equipment – simply upgrade equipment or extend its current usage

Plan your budgets – FD’s love to know repayments are fixed

Simple direct debit – one rental can include all equipment and additional costs i.e. installation and training

Keep your credit lines intact – leasing doesn’t affect any of your existing credit lines

Flexible buyout – easy end of term buyout


Contact your dedicated EFD design consultant today and discuss how we can make your commercial kitchen concept a reality.