Most chefs that have been in the industry for several years will probably tell you to steer clear of electric cooking tops. And, why wouldn’t they? Slow to heat up, slow to cool down. They waste energy which results in higher electric costs and they don’t even give you the theatre that gas gives you.


Induction cooking technology has changed all that.

We think most kitchens will use induction just once and will never want to use anything else. The guys at yuppiechef have produced our favourite way of introducing the concept of induction cooking to anyone that hasn’t used it yet.
Induction hobs works by using electromagnetic energy. The energy passes through the cooking surface and into the pan directly. You can change the temperature almost immediately, just like you would with a gas hob, and you can set to the desired cook or simmer temperature so accurately for precise cooking.

Induction hobs are available in both 3kW and a huge 5kW per hob – no professional kitchen would want more than that.

Why Not Stick With Gas?

With gas, only 40% of the energy produced gets utilised to cook, while with induction, 84% of the electricity energy used gets utilised to cook. Over a period of time, the energy cost savings are incredible to any business.

The Induction Hob itself doesn’t generate any heat. Spillages aren’t baked onto the cooking surface and you can simply wipe them off with a damp cloth. Gas cooktops aren’t particularly easy to keep clean and burning gas has by-products that are mostly vaporised, but do sometimes condense on a surface somewhere around the cooktop.

Let’s be honest, working in a full commercial kitchen is pretty hot work. Induction will create a much cooler working environment. Any heat radiated by the cooking pan and the food itself is reduced incredibly so it is absolutely nothing like the heat generated by gas or electrically powered cooking.

Think it’s tough enough for your kitchen?


Elite Foodservice Design are incredibly passionate about Induction cooking and really believe that this is the future for kitchens in the UK. We have set up several sites across the UK with induction and would be delighted to discuss any questions or ideas you have with your own kitchen.