Need Help Buying Dishwashing Equipment?

EFD prides itself on providing specialized guidance for caterers and restaurateurs seeking to upgrade their warewashing equipment. When considering such an investment, it is important to understand your current and future demands. EFD recommends assessing the throughput and size of machinery that aligns with your operational needs, ensuring your equipment can handle peak demand without faltering.

Our consultation process includes evaluating the electric and water specifications essential for the optimal performance of warewashing machinery. For instance, low power options may be environmentally and economically beneficial, but they could affect heating efficiency. Similarly, water pressure considerations are crucial as they influence the time needed for the machine to operate at full capacity.

In terms of brand selection, EFD recognizes the quality and adaptability offered by industry leaders like Meiko and Winterhalter, which provides a range of solutions from undercounter dishwashers to sophisticated flight type machines, ensuring ergonomic work processes and high standards of hygiene​. Similarly, Sammic and Maidaid's warewashing solutions cater to a wide array of needs, offering everything from basic glasswashers to advanced rack conveyor systems, complete with cutlery dryers-polishers and various accessories to complement their equipment range​​.

Lastly, return on investment is a key factor that EFD emphasizes. While higher-end models from reputable companies like Meiko and Sammic may come with a steeper initial cost, the longevity, efficiency, and savings on operational costs make these investments worthwhile in the long run. EFD encourages investing in quality warewashing solutions now to reap the benefits of reduced costs and enhanced performance over time.

Creating a seamlessly operational front-of-house buzz demands a smoothly functioning back-of-house — particularly within the kitchen and dishwashing zones. This is a principle well-understood by discerning restaurateurs globally. It underlines the importance of involving expert advisors like Elite Foodservice Design (EFD) during the initial stages of kitchen conceptualization and installation. EFD brings to the table extensive know-how in optimizing kitchen dynamics to bolster efficiency and profitability.

In the realm of commercial kitchen design, EFD excels by minimizing unnecessary movement, incorporating ergonomic principles, crafting logical workflow patterns, and upholding stringent hygiene standards. Discovering design flaws post-installation can be a costly affair, which is why engaging with EFD’s expertise from the get-go is a prudent investment.

EFD’s methodical approach to kitchen layout entails a meticulous evaluation of the necessary space. This includes strategising on the ingress of deliveries, the systematic storage of diverse food items, and the spatial requirements for cooking, dishwashing, and storage facilities. By doing so, EFD ensures that every square metre is accounted for and contributes to a harmonious and functional design.

Efficiency in the dishwashing domain is particularly critical. EFD’s designs strategically separate workstations within the kitchen to promote efficient operations and to delineate 'clean' from 'unclean' areas, crucial for maintaining impeccable hygiene standards. This separation ensures that while kitchen staff swiftly deliver meals, the return flow of used utensils to the dishwashing area remains unimpeded and orderly.

Interestingly, most hitches in commercial kitchens originate not from the cooking stations, which usually have back-ups in place, but from the dishwashing area. This zone can become a bottleneck due to various issues, from inadequate cleaning to equipment malfunctions. EFD recognizes the impact of these factors, including the physical and mental demands on staff, and addresses them through ergonomic and systematic design.

Cleanliness and prompt availability of washware are non-negotiable in the hospitality industry. That's why managers and chefs turn to EFD, which brings forth its rich experience in warewashing solutions from the outset of the planning phase.

In essence, the complexities of planning a high-functioning commercial kitchen are vast and varied. EFD’s seasoned professionals harness their depth of knowledge to ensure that every aspect — from space utilization and appliance selection to ergonomic design and adherence to hygiene regulations — is meticulously planned and executed.