Diverse Commercial Kitchen Workstations

Chefs come in all shapes and sizes, and their workstations should reflect this diversity. That’s why our height-adjustable tables are the ideal solution, providing the perfect working height for every individual.

EFD TV – episode 6

EFD TV – Episode 6. The new EFD Marine website is officially launched. We will be adding additional information and product in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned.

Need Help Buying Dishwashing Equipment?

EFD prides itself on providing specialized guidance for caterers and restaurateurs seeking to upgrade their warewashing equipment, ensuring your equipment can handle peak demand without faltering.

EFD TV – episode 5

EFD TV – Episode 5. Richard revisits one of our recent projects, and Chef Tim Irven, to see how he’s getting on with his new bar and kitchen.

EFD TV – episode 4

EFD TV – Episode 4. Utilizing the latest commercial cooking technology, Richard shows you how to create a dream cooking suite. Reduce energy costs, turbo charge cooking output and create the centre piece of your kitchen with EFD and Control Induction.

EFD TV – episode 3

EFD TV – Episode 3. Richard takes a look at British manufacturer Williams Refrigeration & what makes them a perfect fit for our kitchen/galley projects.

EFD TV – episode 2

EFD TV – Episode 2. Richard and Design Manager Daniel discuss what they love about Rational’s iVario Multifunction cooker.