FLAM-KUCHE is a unique style of pizza, and AMÉLIE was launching it across the UK. To make this launch successful, EFD was tasked with designing and building their first restaurant in a shopping centre. The project included an open kitchen featuring a large Italian 3-tier pizza oven, a complicated air extraction system, and surrounding seating areas.

EFD carried out the entire design and build process for the Flam-Kuche restaurant. The team worked closely with Amélie to understand their vision for the restaurant and the requirements for the open kitchen. The primary focus was to create an immersive experience for customers, where they could see the food being prepared and cooked in front of them.

The open kitchen was situated on the first floor of a Cambridge shopping centre and EFD's team of design engineers worked closely with the centre’s management team to design and install a bespoke extraction system that met all the necessary aesthetical and safety requirements. The result was a highly effective extract that removed all the smoke and heat from the kitchen, ensuring that the restaurant remained relatively odour-free (We wanted to keep a little of that beautiful flam-kuche smell wafting around the centre!)

The centrepiece of the open kitchen was a large Italian 3-tier pizza oven, which was surrounded by preparation fridges, workbenches, and a wash-up area. The pizza prep and cook area was specifically designed to meet the requirements of the flam-kuche pizza, which is cooked quickly and at high temperatures. Quick preparation and services were essential here and we utilised Williams exceptional Onyx refrigerated counter and stylish Cuppone Michelangelo Pizza oven to achieve this.

A vintage Citroen van was also an integral part of the restaurant's design, creating a unique drinks bar and order point. The van was positioned at the entrance of the restaurant, adding to the overall ambiance and theme of the restaurant.

Amélie Cambridge Pizz Prep

The bespoke seating was designed to complement the restaurant's theme and style. EFD created custom-made benches and tables, featuring a rustic and vintage feel. The design was inspired by the traditional Alsatian-style taverns, which serve the flam-kuche pizza in France.

EFD's design and installation of the flam-kuche restaurant for Amélie was a resounding success. The open kitchen, bespoke seating, and vintage Citroen van all contributed to creating an immersive and unique experience for customers.

Our team of engineers and designers worked closely with Amélie to ensure that every aspect of the restaurant's design met their requirements and vision. The result was a beautiful and functional restaurant that has been loved by customers since its launch.

Design Visuals

Prior to kitchen design sign off, we produce accurate and realistic renders of how the final installation will look


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